The therapists at BodyOne Massage are committed to helping you increase your awareness in order for you to make choices that help you take better care of your body. They encourage their clients to add self-care into their daily routines, including stretching, strengthening, and eating a healthy diet. Each body is unique; let the therapists at BodyOne Massage help you feel the best in yours. 

 All BodyOne Massage therapists are licensed by the state of Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Evenson, LMT

Elizabeth founded BodyOne Massage in 2009. After college, she spent 8 years working in the dot-com industry, but she knew her calling was actually in the wellness arena. She pursued her passion by attending massage school, and upon graduation, put her education to work in a busy Harvard Square spa, becoming the Northeast Massage Educator for the Aveda Corporation. Ultimately, Elizabeth fulfilled her dream of opening her own space in which she could focus on her true goals and beliefs about health and wellness, as well as be an advocate for taking good care of the “one body” everyone has been given. When not working, Elizabeth plays basketball, leads an early morning bootcamp, and loves to spend time with friends and family.

“I love what I do. Using intuition and experience to uncover and unravel tension in the body is fascinating and totally satisfying. To me, the most important part of the massage involves the initial communication: asking the client what they need on that particular day, what they like/dislike, what has worked for them in the past, etc. I am a firm believer that we have been given one body, so why wouldn’t we take care of it as best we can?”

Kristina Pirroni, LMT

Kristina embodies the qualities of both physical and mental strength! Originally from Somerville, MA, Kristina has built her practice around educating clients to achieve greater health by coupling their sessions with stretching techniques, mindfulness, and wellness tips. When Kristina isn’t working, you’ll find her doing yoga and strength work, meditating, playing with her pups, and searching for nutritious ways to fuel up!

“Elizabeth often talks about intuition as a gift, and I am grateful for mine. The body is a fascinating puzzle of woven tension, emotion, overused and fatigued muscles all waiting to be deciphered on our massage table. Every day is a learning day. I spend my time reading about wellness, body/muscle rehabilitation, strength, and movement. I love taking massage courses and expanding my foundation of knowledge. We’ve been given one body, and I just like to make you more comfortable in yours!”

Lindsey Wardrop, LMT

Lindsey joined BodyOne Massage in 2014 and immediately created a loyal following of clients who love her work and her positive energy. Lindsey is a full-time oncology nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital. Before her careers in Massage and Nursing, Lindsey earned a degree in Culinary Arts. She grew up on the Cape and now calls Boston home.

“It is my goal to create a unique massage for each client by customizing a blend of calm energy, physical strength, and anatomical knowledge obtained from my massage and nursing training. My massage is generally very deep and therapeutic, focusing on discovering the root of the problems in the body’s tissues. I believe in creating a personalized massage experience through a well-honed combination of intuition and communication with my client. Utilizing a blend of Swedish, specific deep tissue work, and a goal-oriented approach, we can collaborate to create a massage that meets your needs and leaves you feeling restored and rejuvenated.”

Amy Cooper, LMT

Amy is a graduate of The Chicago School of Massage Therapy and has been actively practicing for nearly 20 years. She is a long-time enthusiast of Ultimate Frisbee and is a national-level competitor. Amy is also a recreational runner, bike commuter, reader, and baker. As a mom to three humans and one active young dog, Amy rarely sits down and understands the diverse needs of active bodies. Amy believes a key to good health is a connection between our minds and body, and she enjoys assisting people to become more attuned to areas of imbalance or discomfort in their bodies.


“I was encouraged into the massage field by my best friend from college, due to my "good hands" and desire to help people. During my sessions, I utilize a blend of methodologies: Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, and sports massage. I provide treatments geared toward stress and pain relief, with a focus on the client's individual needs and requests.”  

Shawn McConathy, LMT

Originally from the south, Shawn is a graduate of the Atlanta School of Massage.  Before her move to MA, she succeeded in her own private practice.  In her free time, she likes to keep up with the news and breakthroughs in health and biological sciences,  natural plant remedies, and dabbles in creating her own therapeutic concoctions.  She enjoys helping others become the best functioning human beings they can be, through a fusion of intuition, stretching, joint mobilization and deep tissue techniques. 


“I like to discover and unravel the twists that tie our bodies into spiraling zig-zags.  I love to help bring the balance back to neutral from exaggerated stances, and watching grunting grimaces change to gleeful grins. I love my job, and the people I encounter.  I enjoy learning, working, and helping. I may not have  all the answers, but I will do my best to work with you and together find the most efficient solution.  I cannot fix you, but I can help you realize how to be the best you can be... if you’re willing."

Derek Campbell, LMT

Derek's love and passion for massage and bodywork started when he attended The Charles River School of Shiatsu in 2001.  He went on to start a successful practice in Southern California.  Derek continued his exploration of bodywork while becoming a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainer.  Realizing that his calling was massage and bodywork, Derek attended The Massage School in Boston, MA.  Derek practices Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish, Trigger Point, and Myofascial Techniques.  His experience has led him to work with a wide variety of clients from office workers to college level and professional athletes.  He also holds a membership with the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.   During Derek's downtime, he enjoys the beach, video games and playing guitar. 


"By studying a blend of Eastern/Western modalities, I aim to provide a holistic and therapeutic approach to my massages.  I focus on techniques that can target pain relief, stress reduction and injury treatment/prevention, which can ensure wellness to my clients.”

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