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FAQ - updated 1/2022

We often hear a variety of questions from our clients, both in advance of and during the appointment. We have compiled the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions here, and have updated our answers with new safety (COVID) procedures. Please don’t hesitate to ask any additional questions you may have when you arrive at BodyOne Massage.

What should I know before I arrive for my appointment?  After you book your appointment, we will send you a confirmation email that outlines the specifics of your appointment, directions, cancellation policy, etc. This confirmation includes a link to a brief health history form.  Please fill this out prior to your appointment.  Starting January 7th, 2022, all clients must present their vaccination card showing that both vaccination + booster have been obtained.   We encourage you to think about where you are holding your tension and stress prior to your appointment. We will ask you questions at the beginning of your session in order to customize your massage and will also check in with you during your massage to make sure that we are on the same page. Our setting is very comfortable, and our goal is to make sure that you are too!

What do I wear during my massage?  That is completely up to you. We encourage people to undress to their level of comfort.  You will always be under a sheet and we will pull the sheet back only in order to expose the area of the body that we are working on. If you pulled a glute muscle or need hip work, we adjust the sheets so that we can access the muscle while making sure you aren’t feeling entirely exposed. If massage is new to you, we do our best to make sure that you are comfortable and work within your limits.

What do I need to tell you before we start?  Before your first appointment, we will ask you to fill out a health history form. The body can have areas or conditions where massage is contraindicated (think of recent surgery or injury sites, areas of severe swelling, etc.). The health history form is required by law and helps us to keep you safe. Once we review the form, we will ask you questions that will help us to customize your massage: Where are you holding your tension/pain, what has worked during previous massages, and any other relevant questions that are unique to your situation.

What forms of payment do you accept?  We accept cash, check, Venmo and all major credit cards. 

Do you accept tips?  Tips are always appreciated but are never expected.  Tips can be given in cash, check or through Venmo or PayPal.  Our Venmo handles are:






@Surpriselunch    (Scott)




Where can I park? Our office is located on the corner of Massachusetts Ave. and Lancaster Street. There is metered parking outside our office. We are located two blocks from the Porter Square T-Stop (Red Line).

What should I do once I arrive?  When you book an appointment, we will send you a detailed email that contains directions to our office, a confirmation of your appointment time and date, along with instructions on how to gain access into our building. Upon entering the office, we will ask you to wash your hands and stay masked.

What other businesses occupy the office space? We share space with Jen Evans Acupuncture, Spa Lapis, and two psychotherapists. 

How often should I get a massage?  The answer to this question is dependent on your individual issue/needs. Our goal during your session is to increase your body awareness, provide you with muscular relief, and teach you stretches/self-care in order to help you manage your sore muscles at home. Clients will usually visit us every 3 to 4 weeks in order to help manage their tension and keep it under control.  For injury work or acute pain, we may suggest visiting once a week for 2-4 weeks, in order to continue to build upon the work we’ve completed, without regression.

What is a full-body massage? A full-body massage means that your therapist will work on both your upper and lower body. We work on your head, neck, shoulders and pectorals, arms, hands, full back, hips/glutes, legs, and feet. Before your session starts, we will ask you if there are any areas you would rather we skip or only spend a small amount of time on. We ask these questions so that we can manage our time effectively, in order to give more attention to the areas holding the most tension. We can advise you that your lower back may be hurting due to your extremely tight hamstrings, but it is your choice as to whether you want your hamstrings worked on. Your session is your time; we listen to you and create the massage that you want.

A Personal Note to Current and Future Clients

from Elizabeth Evenson, Owner, BodyOne Massage


Every body has its strengths and its flaws. That’s what makes us uniquely wonderful. Massage therapists don’t care about scars, body hair, cellulite, or other characteristics that you may feel self-conscious about. Each body potentially carries tension, stress, or pain. If you have ever felt hesitant to get a massage or are worried that you might be judged, we encourage you to give us a try. At BodyOne, the more comfortable we are able to make you feel while on the table, the better your massage is going to be. Our therapists are kind &compassionate and will always make sure that your questions and concerns are addressed. Feel free to call us prior to your appointment to ask any questions that you may have.

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