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I have to say, as an individual whose body relies on massage over the years, Elizabeth is seriously the best massage therapist I have ever had! She is experienced, thorough, detail oriented and applies the perfect amount of pressure for deep tissue massage. Highly recommended if you want a real massage!               


Elizabeth possesses a rare, innate intuition that gives her the ability to locate my hidden areas of stress. She then instinctively applies various techniques that coax my muscles to relax. Elizabeth is an outstanding practitioner—and I always leave a session feeling relaxed and pain-free!


I had a deep tissue massage by Kristina. I have worked with and tried a variety of massage therapists for over a decade. Kristina has excellent technique. She is precise and thorough. I went to Kristina with a request to work on a specific muscle group. She is flexible on what work is done during the appointment time. From a request given to her, she then works to find root cause of issues.

I really appreciate that Elizabeth was willing to sit down with me before my massage and discuss my particular needs and the type of massage experience I wanted. She thoughtfully listened to my requests and created the exact experience I wanted. I can’t wait to go back to BodyOne!


Last night was my first massage with Lindsey, and I can honestly say that it was by far the best massage I have ever received. She checked in on pressure several times to ensure it was appropriate to what I needed.  I need a lot of pressure to release the tension in knots, where I hold my stress and she delivered. In addition, her intuition and considerable training allowed her to easily find and work on muscular issues in places that I wasn’t even aware that I had muscles, much less tightness. I am already checking my calendar to see when I can return and hope to make massage a more regular portion of my health regimen. Lindsey is a jewel and an expert at her craft.


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